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They've found something wonderful and... you'll be just as excited because...
the same thing will happen to you. You've got to admit... it's a fitness breakthrough.

"I've been exercising for over 20 years... hours in the gym... sore joints. To feel so good, I never thought it was possible."
-Jeff Barkley, age 35, Atlanta, GA

"I had tried so many things, I was shocked to see my clothes get looser in just a few days."
-Sandra Bellington, Weed, CA

"I'm down 39 pounds, from a size 14 to a 7. It's been 3 months and 6 days. None of my clothes or belts fit. I went to my women's meeting and they asked me to speak and tell them how I made this change. I am so happy. I am forever grateful to you for helping me get my body back."

Latest note from Kristin... "I'm wearing a size 5 now, down from a size 14. I can't wait for the beach and a great bathing suit."
-Kristin Boren, age 33, of Murietta, CA

"Larry, at first I thought 'This is never going to work.' I was dead wrong. My belly was 36 inches.
Two weeks later, my belt was a notch tighter. Now 37 days later my 32 pants fit great.
I'm so stoked I do the Ring Of Fire three times a day. Man, if everyone knew how fun this is... they'd be on it like flies on %@#$..."

-John Growser, Augusta, GA

"I've had a problem with fat in certain spots I could never get rid of that darn stuff. My doctor said, 'You've had fat so long in these spots, you'll never get rid of it.' He was wrong, I've been doing this for 19 days and it's already going away."
- Brent Evanston, Santa Monica, CA

"I was running through the Costco parking lot with my two kids in the big double cart. The people stared at me like I was a crazy woman. I reached the front door, the kids shrieking in delight and I was not even short of breath. Don't you love it?"
- Your Friend, Kristen Boren

"The software makes the math a whiz. You just type in your stuff and it does everything for you. It's great!"
- Elliot Spencer, Lambert, WI

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