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"The Body-Composition Switches"

Once you discover how to "throw" the Three Body-Composition Switches, looking and feeling your best becomes a lot easier.

If you're exercising regularly and not losing weight, the secret is not more exercise; the secret is your nutrition. In fact, your nutrition could contribute as much as 80% to your success at this point.

Many of us don't realize it but our body is designed to keep us looking good if we allow it. It's as if we each have built-in switches that have shut "off" because of incorrect nutrition. They just need to be flipped "on", so the body can once again do it's wonderful thing. The first is……

Switch #1 "The Pancreas Switch"

The Pancreas is a small gland just behind the stomach that regulates two very important hormones called Insulin and Glucagon.

Which hormone is released is determined by the foods we eat. If we eat too many refined, carbohydrates and starches, our blood sugar rises and the Pancreas releases Insulin, which tells your body to store fat. On the other hand, if you limit your refined carbohydrates and eat more proteins, the Pancreas releases Glucagon, which burns fat. It sounds simple, and it is.

So, if you want to keep your "Pancreas Switch" flipped all the way to the "Burn Fat" position you should consume twice as much protein as you do carbohydrates.

This is difficult to do while shopping from the carbohydrate-laden shelves of the typical American grocery stores. That's why we see "America" becoming fatter each day.

To counter this obesity epidemic we develooped a delicious tasting food supplement called Ultra Pro that has just the right protein/carbohydrate" ratio, to keep the "Pancreas Switch" firmly over in the fat burning zone where it needs to be.

We each must gain control of this "Pancreas Switch" if we want to look and feel our best again. Next let's look at…..

Switch #2 "The Pituitary Gland Switch"

When we were teenagers we could eat and do almost anything and we still looked pretty good. That's because our Pituitary Glands, a small gland at the base of the brain were pumping out Growth Hormone at maximum capacity. (Growth Hormone burns fat and builds muscle) But, then around age 30 everything began to change. We began to get thicker through the waist and hips.

It isn't that we had less Growth Hormone it's just that our ability to release our own natural Growth Hormone had dropped off. We know this to be true because when they examine the Pituitary glands of 80-year-old cadavers they are full of Growth Hormone. It's just a matter of flipping our "Pituitary Gland Switch" "on" again.

There are several things that trigger the release of this Growth Hormone. High intensity exercise is one. Sleep is another and certain amino acids are another. When you combine intense exercise with sleep and amino acids, your Pituitary Gland starts to release hormones as it did when you were young.

Soon we begin to enjoy the same fat loss, muscle building ability we had as a teenager.

Our revolutionary "Bring Your Body To Life exercise System" delivers quick bursts of intense exercise while our amino acid formula (Growth Plus) taken at bedtime combines to keep the Pituitary Gland switched over to the "fat burning, muscle building" position it had when we were younger. Finally, lets go to……

Switch #3 "The Metabolic Switch"

Our metabolic rate is the final switch that middle age "turns off", which combines to aggravate the "stored fat" low energy problem.

One of the best methods to increase energy and boost metabolic rate is by adding more muscle tissue. In fact, muscle tissue speeds the metabolic rate so much; we will burn an additional 5 pounds of fat for each pound of muscle we add. However, the kind of intense exercise that increases Growth Hormone release can drain our reserves.

So, before we begin this kind of exercise program, we need to know, " Scientific research has shown that exercise increases, not lessens, our needs for nutrients. Without these nutrients, we will not maximize the muscle building benefits of exercise. You see, when you stress a nutrient deficient body you are not making it stronger you are making it weaker. That's the reason people often feel run down when they start exercising.

In order to flip your "Metabolic Switch" back to the "on position", you must improve the quality of not only your macro-nutrients (proteins and carbohydrates), you must also improve the quality of your micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals).

However, If you attempt to get your needed vitamins and minerals from foods, you'll end up eating twenty pounds of broccoli, eight pounds of tomatoes, five pounds of fish etc., This is one of the reasons why we overeat in our desparate attempt to get our needed Vitamins and Minerals.

There's a better way. Let's say you took a grocery cart full of fruits and vegetables and extracted a triple measure of all the Vitamins.

Then if you added all 72 trace minerals to this high potency Vitamin formula, you would have a formula that's so potent it would give robust health even during intense exercise. That's what Revive is: A high tech food that has been scientifically designed to feed all the new muscles cells you are bringing to life during intense exercise.

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