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"In Just 12 Minutes a Day"

Let Larry be your personal trainer and show you his 12 minute work out.
"You Can Slim Your Thighs, Hips, Tummy, Buttocks... Increase Your Endurance and Tone Your Muscle"

Extremely Low Impact Use anywhere, anytime, at home, office or on the road. If you like the feeling of not being ashamed of your body or running up a flight of stairs without losing your breath......

Please read every word that follows.

I've been training bodybuilders for over 40 years and spending hours in the gym each day.
That's why I was so stunned by this discovery.

I found I could do all my exercise in just a few minutes a day. Not hours!

When I presented this discovery to the "man on the street" they said, "That's exactly what I want. Where can I get it?"

So, I spent the last three years creating a system that was simple to use and easy to understand.
To say I am thrilled is an understatement.

Lean closer. I'll tell you the secret...

Normally we make progress by using heavier and heavier weights. That's really hard on the joints, especially when we get older, and it's very inefficient. That's why it takes so long to make progress.

Up until now, that is... because you'll be using an exciting new technology first reported in Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy by Dr. W.O. Fenn.

Dr. Fenn discovered... "when it comes to muscle tissue, the weight isn't nearly as important as the intensity."

Using even a very light weight works the muscle so thoroughly it only takes a few seconds to exhaust it but... even more important is... the way it makes you look. Body fat seems to melt away almost like magic.

"Releases So Much More Growth Hormone" In fact, studies done by Canadian researcher Dr. Angelo Tremblay showed, "this method burns fat 9 times better than conventional exercise because it releases more Growth Hormone."

Growth Hormone has been called the Fountain of Youth because it stimulates our immune system, accelerates the building of muscle tissue and the burning of body fat.

The problem is... Growth Hormone begins to decline about 30 years of age which is about the time we start getting thicker through the waist. Dr. Fenn's method returns your Growth Hormone levels almost to what they were when you were a teenager. That's why 12 minutes is all it takes to "Bring Your Body To Life ™"

"What You Need To Get Started" First, you'll need exercise equipment because you can't exercise in thin air. You'll also need to know what to do and... what to eat. Finally, you can start in your home so you don't have to expose your body before you get in shape.

"I have Every Little Detail Worked Out For You"

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