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Meet Larry Scott: The Legend

My value to you is not that I won the titles of Mr. Olympia, Mr. American and Mr. Universe. My real value to you is the skills and experience that I have gained that will help you improve your fitness level and save you years of wasted effort. Since the time that I won these elite titles, I have dedicated my life to helping people like you increase their health and fitness. The "Bring Your Body To Life System ™" is not endorsed by me, but was created by me to help you achieve a fantastic body with as little time and effort as possible. The following story shows how anyone can accomplish their dreams and have the body that they want.

My Story from boyhood to Mr. Olympia

Only moments earlier, quietly pumping out the last few reps, I was about to step out into the lights. I couldn't help but think back,
"You'll never make it Larry. You are too small. Try something else."

What a change. No longer the skinny little kid from Pocatello Idaho. I now carried 207 lbs of hard muscle. My arms were bigger than most men's thighs. My deltoids were the size of coconuts. I was ready. The crowds were screaming... "Lar-rie! Lar-rie ! Lar-rie."

It became a deafening roar. The floor trembled as the fans stomped their impatience. I'm telling you it was something else. The audience response was so incredible, Betty Weider, wife of muscle and fitness owner Joe Weider, said...

"Never, have I seen anything like it. I have seen all the Mr. Olympia contests, Arnold, Lee Haney, Dorian and there has never been anything like the audience response the night Larry competed in the first Olympia. I was actually afraid they would get out of control. They were screaming and crying, trying to get one last look at Larry".

Standing on the threshold of my first Mr. Olympia contest, it seemed a lifetime ago...

I was always smaller than my friends. When junior high came along, everyone's voices got deeper as they matured. Everyone except me. Gradually I began to grow but I soon realized I'd have to settle for a dismally average physique until something occurred that changed my entire life.

During the spring of my 16th year, I hauled a whole load of clutter to the city dump and it was there that something caught my eye. It was a bodybuilding magazine with a shot of an incredibly built human being by the name of George Pain doing a side triceps pose. The photo caption read, "You too, can have an arm like this in 30 days".

Using an old tractor axle I began doing the exercises I had seen in the magazine. By the end of the summer my arms had grown to 12.5 inches. I was actually getting bigger! I told myself, "I am going to train so hard. Nothing is going to stop me." I felt all my energy focused into a single goal of getting bigger. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be loved, to be to be admired, looked up to. Now finally, after all these years of being rejected and unrecognized I had found a way to do it.

By this time I was devouring each issue of "Muscle Builder" magazine and it soon dawned on me, if I was going to continue to progress, I would have to leave Idaho and move to California. I soon found a school in Hollywood, California and convinced my parents to let me go to continue my education, but my real motivation was to continue my bodybuilding progress.

At Bert Goodrich's Health Club on Hollywood Boulevard I met Lou Degni whose physique took my breath away. He looked even better than in the magazines. Lou must have seen something special in me, similar to the Zen master who selects a young student from many novices, and he began to train me. I couldn't have shown much promise but... I was dedicated.

Soon after, Lou landed an Italian movie contract and left town so I switched to Vince's Gym out in San Fernando Valley. There I met Vince, the Iron Guru, who taught me a tremendous amount about training, posing and nutrition. He was a great teacher and especially good at suggesting rather than insisting.

A few years training under Vince and it was time to enter some California contests. I had won Mr. Idaho a few years before but now I was ready for bigger stuff.

After having placed third in Mr. Los Angeles, a few months later I tried Mr. California. I didn't think I had the slightest chance of winning and was hoping for at least 5th. When the contest was over, the judges announced another name for the fifth place winner I thought the contest was over. The judges continued calling out the place winners, then finally, "And the winner of Mr. California,...... Larry Scott." I couldn't believe it. I wandered out on stage as if in a dream. It was the biggest surprise of any contest.

Having won Mr. California I was now one step closer to my 11 year dream of winning Mr. America. As Mr. California, I was now in demand for the Weider magazines and we soon had a photo shoot at Venice Beach. This was my first chance to meet Joe Weider, who was to become my long time friend.

After the photo session, Joe took me to lunch and suggested I enter his IFBB Mr. America contest rather than the AAU event and I began from that moment to build a friendship which to this day is one of my most cherished. Our friendship grew as I began to prepare for the Mr. America show in New York.

You know, I can't help mention that auditorium without feeling a warm feeling. I journeyed from California to New York for 6 straight years competing on that same stage. The finest was the night I won the Olympia. For personal glory, if there really is such a thing, this night was the pinnacle.

Rick Wayne was there that night... I will let him finish the story as he saw it...

"Over the bedlam you heard Bud Parker trying to introduce the contender from California. You heard, "and gen-men...fornia...the incred.. Fractured words that made as much sense as the noise that now filled the auditorium. The amplified voice of the mohair suited "M.C." was hardly a match for this New York audience that already was too hot for the next star appearance to be reasonable.

"Lar-ree! La-ree! La-ree!" What had gone on before, was nothing compared to this uninhibited display of enthusiasm and star worship. And all this before Scott had set foot on the rostrum. Larry Scott was only a few feet away in the darkest corner of the wings, oiled and pumped up, quietly sensing the mass of hysteria that his coming had triggered in unflappable New York. After such a display, what judge in his right mind would dare to suggest that any of those who had gone before Scott was more deserving of the right to call himself King of Bodybuilders, Champion of Champions? Mr. Olympia!

He mounted the dias and painstakingly positioned himself beneath the overhead amber lamp so that his deltoids, his biceps, his pectorals and his trapezius were heightened by lights and shadows, a special effect that seemed to instantly add new incredible inches to his earlier monolithic appearance. Now he glided into the first of a series of Scott postures from which he paraded an array of prime meat the like of which had never before visited the human imagination. Great Scott. In 1965 the man was awesome!

Scott was beyond compare. At 5'8" he weighed slightly more than 200 pounds, all of it fat free. His arms, from the small-boned wrists to the thick slab that capped his shoulders were perfect in their construction; dense forearms that reminded of tenpins sang in tune with upper arms that were so thick they took your breath away. The flexed Scott biceps, regardless of whether the forearms were extended or bent at shoulder heights were nonpareil; another watershed yet!

The "M.C.'s" announcement at the end of Larry's presentation was almost a cliché.

Long before it came, the New York audience had cast its own vote and was in no mood to accommodate disappointment. Where these votes were concerned, Scott on this night was the greatest bodybuilder on earth, more deserving than any other of the bejeweled crown
engraved... the 1st Mr. Olympia.

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