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Growing up, Jim Phillips and his dad Gil used to go camping almost every other weekend. Winter months were no exception and many snowshoeing trips were made to remote areas rarely seen during the winter months. With each winter trip they would push themselves and their gear further.

Eventually Gil Phillips realized that something had to change. He said, "we're not masochists. Either we need to find a better way of doing this or we're going to have to stop." Gil Phillips had tried every "traditional" way of keeping warm that he could find in books and from the so-called experts but still they were cold.

As an engineer Gil thought through the physics of staying warm and in 1962 discovered the use of Open Cell Polyurethane. Warm toes on the first expedition with the Polyurethane homemade boots was a wondrous revelation. Finally, warm feet!

Since it worked on the feet, why not try Polyurethane as insulation for the rest of the body? Eventually a complete outfit including tops, bottoms, boots, hats and gloves were made and now winter excursions were becoming truly magical. Gil and Jim could go anywhere and stay warm.

In 1967 Gil wanted to go on the ultimate snow camp. It was discovered that they could take a plane all the way up to the tip of Alaska in the middle of winter and so they went. When they landed in Alaska, the pilots tried for half an hour to convince them to get back on the plane and eventually took a picture of them since they didn't think they would ever see the two crazy Americans again. Gil and Jim spent two weeks unsupported on the northernmost tip of Alaska with a high of -10F and had a magnificent trip. Their goofy, homemade clothing allowed them to stay warm and comfortable the entire trip.

Over the ensuing years, Jim Phillips began the process of commercializing Polyurethane technology for cold-weather clothing. Through many stops and starts, mountainous successes and difficult setbacks, Jim Phillips has valiantly fought to bring the superior technology of ThermalArmor to those who can most benefit from it.

In October of 2006, Jim Phillips founded ThermalArmor, and now the adventure has just begun. For all of you have experienced cold hands and feet, we invite you now to be warm, anywhere.

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